About MG9

MG9 360 is a comprehensive video surveillance solution for all kinds of vehicle operators. Its keystone is the combination of a DVR/camera unit and cloud service: it doubles the security of your data and allows for real-time monitoring of your vehicles.

Mg Nine


In case of an accident you’ve got your back covered by footage from the scene, reliably stored on both the device’s memory card and in the cloud space. You trust your drivers, and they rest assured they’re protected from false claims.

Mg Nine


You can easily follow your fleet through the cloud-based web interface and quickly react to changes in the logistical environment or operational routine. Events related to unusual vehicle behavior are saved in a special folder and can be reviewed at any time.

Mg Nine


The service is compatible with all modern-day platforms, mobile or desktop, as well as all popular browsers. The device has a Wi-Fi access point to be controlled through and connects to the internet via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or USB.

MG9 360 Fits
Any Business

We have been successfully marketing MG9 360 across B2B (trucking companies, taxi services), B2G (public transport operators, government agencies), and B2C sectors.

MG9 360 can be used as an all-inclusive video recorder+cloud combo kit (an ultimate surveillance solution for larger companies), or as a standalone hardware version (a common choice for private customers).

MG9 360 is Global

MG9 360’s interface and technical documentation is available in the world’s most spoken languages. Localization for any specific language/region can be provided on demand.

MG9 360 has been introduced in the USA, Canada, Europe, CIS countries, Russia, Australia and New Zealand, and we are working to bring our product to clients from other regions soon.

Why MG9 360?

MG9 360 is not your average dashcam, it’s a complex video surveillance suite with features that go beyond simply recording the video:

  • get 360° HD footage from up to 4 cameras, outside or in-vehicle,
  • access your footage remotely and control the in-car recorder through the Cloud,
  • GPS track your fleet in real time via Cloud,
  • add ANY number of vehicles to your Cloud and view the live feed from ANY of them,
  • stream live video to third-party services (like Youtube) – perfect for rallies, races, or any travel events.